Dieselpunk online TBS March of War’s third themed episode launches today

Today the third themed episode of their free-to-play episodic online multiplayer strategy game, March of War – Episode III: African Sunrise, is now available through Steam Early Access and the official website for PC and Mac.

“The story of Episode III: African Sunrise revolves around the mission to give Africa a affordable and improved energy source,” says Vincent van Geel, Creative Director at ISOTX. “We introduce two new characters, Scientist Niari Okoro’s and Zulu King Shaka II. Okoro’s mission to give Africa a new energy-source goes awry when Shaka II hard-handedly forces her to develop nuclear weapons to benefit his quest for world domination. In a desperate act to keep that from happening, Okoro leaks vital information to the international press, accidently putting Africa in the crosshairs of the rest of the world.”
As with every episode, ISOTX immerses players in this latest compelling chapter of the March of War story on multiple levels, ranging from in-game world events including new community-driven (via the Vote4War system) themed content, to lore on the March of War blog and digital newspaper.
Some of the new units players can look forward to include the Nuclear Suicide Truck and the Kenyan Rhino Rider which was chosen by the players, through the Vote4War system. To top this off, a variety of community-driven unit skins are introduced, as well as hazards in the form of critters, including locust swarms and and gigantic overlords, which will help keep players moving within the African savannas on their toes.
Next month will see the release of March of War - Episode IV: Exalted Inferno which will be available on November 7th, 2013. Future episodes will contain all previously released episodic content, on all expected devices and will always be entirely free-to-play.
The mobile version of March of War for iOS and Android (available soon) will elevate the cross-platform experience to a whole new level.

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