Emperors, get shovelling!

No time to rest for Molehill Emperors. The newly added quests promise lots of work for those who have reached the highest level on Molehill Empire, but also a few exciting rewards!

It's not easy being an emperor! Especially when it's your duty to rule a people of busy Garden Gnomes, with all their needs and problems that need to be taken care of and solved. Some country-leaders may think that they can lay low and relax as soon as they have come into power, but a real Molehill Emperor knows how to dig into his/her tasks! For it is only the busiest Gnomes that are able to dig themselves to the top of the Molehill Empire!

Molehill Empire - New quests

And there really is lots to take care of, in the new Emperor's quests. The new product coffee, however, should provide the Emperors with amply energy, to tackle even Green Valley's and Hedgreow Ville's most difficult problems. And, besides, there isn't just the eternal gratefulness of your people to look forward to, but also a few other great awards, that can be presented in your display garden, for the entire Molehill and Internet community to ...

Become curious yet? Then grab your shovels and make your way to the top of Molehill Empire, for we won't give away anything else here.

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    The world of Molehill Empire revolves around just one thing: The microcosm garden. Given the task of an industrious garden gnome, you can grow ...



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