Goblins, Beasts, and Ogres Invade Ancient Summoner in New Version 1.3

Ancient Summoner's new version 1.3 has updated these often overlooked races and they will be revealed to players on October 17th.

Players can join the battle to see the new unique abilities for the Goblins, Beasts, and Ogres. The unique abilities will bring more excitement and fun to Anceient Sumoner. Another addition that players will be enjoying is one of the newly added beasts, the Five-Star Unicorn. This beast has a very interesting skill called Summon. This skill allows its summoner to directly select a card from their deck and put in their hand as this unicorn is summoned.

There are new cards for all of these races available in the shop now. Like other races, you can select from standard pack and master pack. And they give different chances of getting high level cards.

The new version is not only about these new cards. The new version will also include updated boss fights in Challenge Hall, New Trap Skills, New Mounts and More. Players can explore all the new possibilities with Version 1.3 on October 17, 2013.

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