InnoGames publishes Grepolis App for Android Smartphones

The app works cross-platform with the browser version and the recently launched iOS app.

This enables players to stick to one account, which they can use on all three platforms. They will always play with the same cities, troops, allies and opponents.

The user interface of the app is optimized for smartphones and the app does not only contain the core features of the game but also advanced features like the alliances forum and the advisors. It also allows direct play, which means that you do not have to register in order to play the game. However, cross-platform functionality only works with registered accounts. The Android app supports hundreds of devices and requires Android 2.3 or higher. It generally also works on tablets; a dedicated tablet version is being planned.

With the recent update to version 1.20 for the iOS app, InnoGames included the farming overview, known from the browser version to the mobile version. Besides, the app now offers an improved overview about the building projects and queue in the senate.

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    Build magnificent cities, forge mighty alliances, utilize the power of the gods, conquer the world!


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