New Insights on the upcoming Fantasy Spectacle

InnoGames announced today some new details about their upcoming MMORPG Tribonia. In Tribonia the player has to face different monsters and also his own teammates to control the country and save terrain to settle for his offspring.

The innovative housing-system is a very important feature of Tribonia. The game provides the player the opportunity to fulfill their dream of a little home place at least inside of the game! The player is able to choose from different house-kits and afterwards place his house within the game world, wherever he thinks it is useful. Thereby enormous strategic options are generated. For example the player’s house can be used as a refuge after a battle, as a store to sell self made goods or as a meeting point for different players. Naturally it is possible to connect houses to a settlement and face the possible attacks of the enemies collectively or the house can function as a lonely fort within the fight against the foes of the settlers of Tribonia. To quickly support your own friends and allies in case of emergency, the player can use portal stones, which can be found in front of every house. This portal network shortens the travel time through Tribonia enormously and places, which are important for the player’s strategy, can be visited very fast.

With more than 50 million players around the world, InnoGames is one of the worldwide leading developers and publishers of Browsergames (Tribal WarsThe WestGrepolis). By publishing Triboniain North America and Europe, the company enters the client game market. The launch of the beta version is planned for this year.

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    Tribonia is different from the usual MMORPG! Its unique game design, with a close link between battle and production, offers its players a completely ...

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