Record number of votes halfway through the “MMO of the Year 2013” audience voting

Record number of votes halfway through the “MMO of the Year 2013” audience voting along with main sponsor GameGenetics, the leading distributor of free-to-play online games, are announcing a record number of votes have been cast in the “MMO of the Year 2013” audience voting.

Halfway through the voting period 58,000 people have voted for their favorite games, beating previous year’s record of 50,000. Players and judges are voting the winners of the prestigious award until February 15th, 2013 at

“The run on the audience voting has exceeded all expectations. Within two weeks voters from 158 countries have cast votes for 377 different titles, many coming from Latin America, a region that we have been supporting for the first time. At times there have been over 500 users voting at the same simultaneously. The overwhelming feedback on Facebook and Twitter is underlining ‘MMO of the Year’s global impact“ said Christian Justus, organizer of the award.

The jury voting is under way too. While players can freely vote for any game they want the jurors have to choose between the nominated titles, representing last year’s best new releases. In the end there will be two awards for each of the 21 categories featuring Browser, Download and Mobile MMOs, one from the jury and one from the audience.

Voting for “MMO of the Year 2013” ends on February 15th, 2013. The winners will be announced right afterwards at

The „MMO of the Year“ is supported by the main sponsoer GameGenetics, as well as GameFinder, HoneyTracks, InnoGames, upjers, Behrmann & Haertel Game Attorneys, and others.

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