Tribal Wars 2 goes native on mobile

Mobile access will be granted via native Apps – those use additional COCOS2D frameworks on iOS and Java as well as Libgdx on Android.


All mobile versions will be optimized for touchscreen-use on numerous devices. 100.000 players already pre-registered for the upcoming closed beta phase.

Unlike its browser-based predecessor, which added crossplay via iOS- and Android-Apps later, Tribal Wars 2 was planned to take full advantage of cross-platform possibilities. Therefore the game had to be streamlined on browser, tablets and smartphones in terms of technical basis and gameplay. “Our goal was to make all parts of gameplay feel and interact with the players the best way possible - on all platforms. At the same time, the performance had to meet our standards,” says Marc Kamps, Producer of Tribal Wars 2. “We experimented with multiplatform-solutions like HTML 5, but in the end, going native allowed us to take full advantage of the mobile devices’ processing power and touchscreen displays.” Kamps adds.

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