Uncharted Waters Online Launches at OGPlanet

Uncharted Waters Online, the iconic series from the creators of the legendary Dynasty Warriors franchise, has officially been re-launched on OGPlanet with game servers going live today.

After nearly 8 years of service, this ageless, Free-to-Play MMORPG still captivates the spirit of exploration and discovery in both veteran and novice gamers alike. For UWO's well-developed community, full of experienced and dedicated players, OGPlanet will provide full account transfers for all previous UWO accounts, making UWO's transition to OGPlanet as seamless as possible. That's not all; to kick things off, OGPlanet will be hosting multiple in-game events for both new and returning UWO players alike, offering rewards such as attendance prizes and double EXP.


Become an infamous pirate or a renowned explorer as you set sail throughout the Seven Seas and picturesque landscapes of the 15th century. Discover new lands and hidden treasures or engage in naval warfare with 100s of other captains in massive PvP battles as you embark on an epic journey to re-write history. With over 70 professions to choose from, 100+ skills to master and countless lands to discover, your adventure in UWO is never complete. Pick your country and represent your nation throughout a seemingly endless world in the 'Age of Exploration'.

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