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What is the game about??
You steal cars, commit crimes or even kill other Criminals...

Did you ever want to make a huge bank robbery with an Partner? No problem.
There are several kinds of scenes! Like the Drogsscene, Business, Killer or even the red-light district.
You can cip your cars and do some streetracing!
It's your own choise, which of these you are going to be!
But don't forget your Family. Without them, you are nothing!
Why should you start playing? It is 100% free, it's fun, and the possibilities are nearly endless!

  • * More then 30 different game-options
  • * Free registration/game-play
  • * Changing prizes for the Drugsmarket, depending on the City
  • * Multiplayer-Options like Route 66, Cocain factories (bash the roads with your buddy)
  • * Grow weed and sell it
  • * Steal cars, pimp them up and race
  • * Kill other Criminals
  • * Strong and fast in-game support
There is also an dutsh version which exists sins 2005. The game has a nice layout and is just THE Best Mafia-RPG ever.

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