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Free online cops and robbers game, choose your own side.

Join players from around the world in this online crime game where you will find yourself in a cops versus robbers scenario. Create your very own character, choose the side you want to fight for (the police or the criminals) and get stuck in! Criminal Force is a fun casual game where you can have a blast, make new friends and work as a team. We update the game often to keep it fresh at all times, check out just a few of the game's features below.

  • Get hold of your very own cars and store them in your garage.
  • Take money from other players (arrest criminals or mug the police).
  • Purchase weapons from the many available in the Weapon Store.
  • Take your chances at defusing a bomb in return for getting paid.
  • Attack members of the other side, or even run them over.
  • Put people in hospital, or even help people out of hospital.
  • Mobile app coming soon.

...and much more!

This is both a police game and a crime game which is very easy to pick up even if you haven't played anything like this before.
Join today, it's free!

No longer available!

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