Dark Age Wars

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Your First Territory

At the start of Dark Age Wars your territory only consists of open farmland and abundant resources to gather. It is up to you to take charge of the power and resource given to you and build the ultimate empire. Are you up to the challenge?

Build Your Kingdom

As you govern the construction of your kingdom you will have the option of constructing new buildings. Building farms, lumber camps, mines and quarries will allow for your growth. You have the power to expand your empire!

Build Your Army

Building a barracks, stable and siege shop allow you to build units for your army. Upgrading your territory allows stronger units to unlock. Build and army and take charge!

World Map

Many territories will surround you whether they are controlled by the game or other players. You may attack and war with these territories or form alliances and trade with them. Only time will tell!

Diplomacy and Ruling

After a short time you will have a powerful and mighty kingdom! You will rule multiple lands and have a fierce army! You can make it happen, start playing today!

More about Dark Age Wars

  • InnoGames publishes Dark Age Wars in Europe

    (04/24/2010) InnoGames expands its online game portfolio with the strategy game Dark Age Wars. The browsergame was designed by the Californian game company Pixabit and InnoGames has licensed the game for the European market. They will market and launch the Game additionally in Russia, Turkey, and Israel. InnoGames already published the self developed games Tribal Wars, The West and Grepolis. More ...

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