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Welcome to Demorya...

You're standing on a huge, grassy hill, looking down at an vast land. In your mind, you can already hear war cries of colliding armies. Demonlords throws you into a fascinating world full of warriors, monsters and fantasy.

Found your settlement today and attract citizens, which will help you build powerful armies. Impress other players with the splendid buildings your people erect for you.

DemonLords is an agressive Fantasy-Browsergame which extensively encourages teamwork - in the game as well as outside of it. DemonLords offers you:

  • An immortal avatar
  • Detailed maps to look at the neighbourhood and overview the whole land
  • A tribunal which ensures safety of the players by enforcing in-game laws
  • A group system with team-magic and group buildings, alliances and wars
  • More than 30 diverse unit types. Among them, you can find dragons, demons, undead and plenty of humans
  • Equip every unit easily with dozens of weapons, armours or other items like jewelry
  • An extensive battle system with tactical options like distance fighting, magic, elements, formations and more...
  • A huge research tree with more than 60 spells

Just now, you're asking yourself: Why did I not settle there just yet, to take my part of Demorya and enter the excellent community of DemonLords?

Visit our site to answer this question.

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