Have you ever give wow gold to ppl begging in wow?

posted 12 years, 10 months ago by None

It seems the number of ppl begging wow gold in Stormwind is increasing day by day. One day, I was wandering in SW, someone was asking for wow gold for his epic mount ground training. I gave him 40 wow gold, mounted on my mammoth, and took him to the ranch so he could get his training. He thanked me profusely, and has tried multiple times to send me more wow gold in the mail than I gave him for his epic mount.
In my opinion, there's a difference between people who are asking and people who are begging. I don't mind spotting people something paltry (like 40 wow gold) if they're truly asking for it; it makes them happy, it probably makes their day, it shows them that not everyone who plays WoW is an @%#@#*#, and it makes their play wow experience more enjoyable, thus increasing the chance that they will continue to play wow.
And all it cost me was
wow gold that I got literally doing nothing; I think I made 150 wow gold in the time it took me to take him to the ranch to get his training and port us both to Dalaran.
Edit: The only issue I see with this situation is that I would rather take someone to Amberstill Ranch then Skill Lance my way through another invasion. :P

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