How to level up on a low pop wow server

posted 12 years, 10 months ago by None

I’m playing a protection warrior on Chromaggus-ally, some guys may know that it’s an incredibly low pop server, you can barely find the wow items you want on AH, there’s nothing listed, no wow gears, no epic mounts at all. I hit level 70 a couple of days ago, now I wanna to share some experience about wow powerleveling on this low pop server.

Level 1-15, quests, there’s no shortcut to this process except you have friends who already hit high level. It usually takes 1 day to hit level 15 if you are familiar with all the quests. All you gotta do is running and grinding mobs. Btw, I really hate moving with epic mount, it sucks.

After you reached lvl 15, you can queue for random dungeons, since you are on a low pop, and you cant even find a buddy or a group to do quests with you, dungeon is the best choice, and you can definitely acquire a lot good wow gears, wow mats, wow gold and sometimes pets. This phase will make you more skilled. At the meanwhile, you can join BG, you can try to defeat sb if you want, I used to hide in a dark place and earn my honor points, after I hit lvl 60, I used them to exchange epic wow gears (pvp)

After I hit lvl 60, my honor points are enough to exchange good pvp wow gears, so I joined the battle field every day, you know what, battlefield is a very good place to level up too, but u gotta have good pvp skills, otherwise, u ll be very upsetJ

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