HW (My Hates & My Likes From Factual POV)

posted 14 years, 4 months ago by DonReal
I have been playing Holy War since the start of the first world. I joined about a

week after it was launched. My name is DonReality in most worlds,so any reviewer

might know me quite well enough.(From HW ofcourse)

Holy War is a fun game when you have good in-game friends and relations. The battle

features, are in fact one of the fun attributes of HolyWar BUT,it is also the source

of drama.
Holy War has been flooded with cheaters.
The management is absolutely inept in managing security and exercising justice.
The management is very inconsistent with their rules and have developed a habit of

making impetuous decisions.

Such examples are:
Failure to conduct an investigation when someone has become subject of foulplay.
They just send a "Warning Report" usually with the content already describing what

punishment they have issued. This is ONE of the Major and key problems in HW
"Guilty until NOT proven innocent".
The management deals with problems very unprofessionally and are absolutely RUDE &

DISRESPECTFUL to their clients.

Speaking from a personal experience, I have become victim of their unprofessional

conduct, The management team conducted an investigation and found absolutely

nothing. I was sitting a friend (previously an enemy) who had tixxed his account

over the hundreds and joined my order. And yet, they believed and suspected that I

was running and created that account. For those that don't know what tixx are . Tixx

are premium tickets in HW which can be converted to gold or to extend premium

features to take advantage of some in-game features. Many people actually tix their

account by converting premium tickets into gold and then training their stats with

it. The HWT management came to the conclusion that there was indeed no major rule

breaking so closed the case. The next day, that matter had been spread so far that

some brought the topic up in the public SB. Considering the fact that I was innocent

I defended myself against those claims asking the management to clear my name but,

they ignored my request. (Probably due to the embarrassment) Hours later, an ADMIN

had me banned without any explanation, made my ban public throughout the entire

HWGameworld and deducted -5 stats. When asked what the reason behind it was, they

could NOT give an explanation. I went to appeal on the forums and asked the simple

question, even urging them to involve the entire community and point out my offense

(since they had already ridiculed me before thousands upon thousands of players),and

if it deserved to go on the "pillory" as they call it to put me there, they

After this incident I have always criticized them on their decision making. There

are many other players that have been unjustly treated and I am sure they would be

happy to share their heartfelt miserable experience.

Another major problem are the Moderators. Moderators are the gamers better said

Volunteers, and MANY moderators release private info to their in-game friends. You

would be surprised to know the amount of info another in-game player would know

about you. For instance if you send a complaint to the management team concerning

another, the offender gets to find out who actually reported it through "friends".

This means there's no CONFIDENTIALITY.

The MODERATORS/HWT are very bias/partial towards individual players. The

offenders,instigators are never put to question when there's a dispute between the

victim and the offender.
The management teams states, they don't come in between disputes. So if they don't

why bother punishing one(usually the victim) and let the real offenders go?All it

does is, it generates hostility,displeasure towards the management team. That is

where inconsistency plays its role.

As for the game itself. It's a fun game as I mentioned before but, with such an

indecent, unprofessional, rude customer support it makes it not worthwhile joining.

I have been a longterm player of HW and a continuous paying customer.

This game is very hostile, in short.Unless, you can handle the garbage thrown at

you, don't join.
Players take this game very personal,such as hating or disliking,mudslinging you

because you fought against them. Which is okay but, when one starts resorting to

profanity, and personal slanders in the public SB(shoutbox) you'll know that it's no

longer a game. Some people still play just to be on the nerves of the many


I run a very successful order/clan and am renown across all worlds just for being

me. Anyways, I repeat : Think twice before playing this game, try it out. But, as

soon as you notice a lil' conflict. Duck out!!!

I'm still playing because I'm hooked and I have spent quite alot of time on the

game, so leaving it will take some time :)


I RATE THE GAME A "3". Because there is no more fun in it, with the number of multi

-accounts flowing in the game, and rule inconsistencies,and sadly the biggest

problem "Favoritism"

A "3". Good luck to whoever that attempts to join this hostile gaming environment.
The game is/was fun but, irrespective if the management is horrible it sadly discredits the games integrity.
Improve management greatly and perhaps viewpoints might change.

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