Dragon Lords

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After the fall of the Dragon Lords there is no power in the land to unite fighting kingdoms. Are you going to end the war and be next Dragon Lord? Find out now!

Dragon Lords is a free fantasy turn based online strategy/role playing game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Establish your kingdom, raise buildings, discover new technologies & spells, create alliances with other players and fight rival kingdoms. You will also chose a champion, who will lead your armies to battle, defend your kingdom, gather experience, level up and enhance his abilities.


- FREE Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy/Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for the iPhone and iPod Touch

- FREE updates with new buildings, units, spells, and more

- Gorgeous graphic

- Simple, intuitive interface

- Expand your kingdom by raising structures and discovering advancements

- Invite your friends and form unstoppable alliance

- Send your armies to battle against other players and alliances

- Cast powerful spells to help your allies and hinder your enemies

- Raise the Nether Portal, bring back the dragons and become next Dragon Lord!

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