Dynasty of Magi

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PLAY the free 3D MMO adventure Words of Power & READ the fantasy eBook, Rites of Passage in ONE SEAMLESS iPad App ecosystem! Play a Warrior Magi from the Outerworld or Underworld. Defeat monsters and Magi on quests from the eBook Rites of Passage. SEE YOUR VICTORIES written in the next eBook The Culling! 

Delve deeper into the expanding Ecosystem of the MMO and fantasy eBook series that puts you at its interactive center. Play an MMO driven by the epic plot of an 11-book fantasy series, and discover immortal beings, fantastic realms, ancient history and the guarded secrets of the eBook's Mystic Realms Continuous. Help the heroes or villains, and the author will craft your victories in the next eBook of the series! Then, see new realms and quest emerge in the next MMO from the next eBook "The Culling". Continue the adventure through the 11 book series and MMO ecosystem an determine the fate of the Dynasty of the Magi! 

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