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Fantasyworld Hero is a game application build on the Facebook platform.  It offers a few dimensions of gameplay, story, interactivity in the arena, testing your luck to see if you meet rare characters!

Fantasyworld Hero is a browser game. Players draw Fantasyworld Hero characters by random and have the option of inviting these Fantasyworld Hero characters to their 5 members party.  Each characters has his/her/its own mini descriptions and also their own attribute of HP/MP and own rarity.  The parties must be complete with 5 full members and met the points requirement before players can duel each other in the Arena mode. When players meet the numbers of wins requirements, their party gain a level and are allowed for a higher party points.  So the game at this point has 2 key elements, compose your own party from drawing random, original characters, and also dueling and play for win and looses with friends.

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