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Welcome to a world of chaos and mayhem,
to a world of hooligans and riots,
welcome to the world of Firmfootball!
Beyond this portal you will find a game that brings out the worst in its players, where your friends watch your back and you can crush your opponents in massive real-time riots.

This game will be an experience unlike any other, the largest and most interactive browsergame thusfar. With your Firm mates, build and design your own pub, brew your own drinks, and create your own items. And every night, head out to the stadium, watch the game, support your team and smash up your rivals with a revolutionary combat system.

Go to to get your own alpha invite code and start playing FirmFootball today!

No longer available!

More about FirmFootball

  • FirmFootball final launch

    (04/15/2008) Finally, after almost a full year of development, months of testing, hundreds of bug fixes and many long days of working, today is finally the day Webgamic proudly presents the official launch of one of the biggest browsergames ever: FirmFootball. More ...

  • FirmFootball goes beta

    (01/10/2008) After an intensive alpha period, lots of bug-fixes and frustrations, it finally happened; yesterdaynight we've launched our Beta version of Firmfootball! By now, the first players have started making a name for themselves in the tough world of hooliganism and everything looks promising. More ...

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