Heroes of Might and Magic: Kingdoms

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Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms is the first browser based MMOG out of Ubisoft's HoM&M series. Heroes Kingdoms is set in the well known World Ashan and even heroes and characters are adopted from the original PC game.
The gameplay is also very similar to what experienced HoM&M players might already know. The user starts by chosing a hero and and fraction and starts developing, expanding and defending his kingdom versus other players and NPCs.
Announced start of the beta is supposed to be spring 2008.

No longer available!

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    (01/05/2008) Classic fantasy RPG franchise Heroes of Might and Magic is to make its way online in the form of a browser game, its publisher Ubisoft has revealed. The game, to be called Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms, will allow "thousands of players" to "lead gigantic armies against each other, master the trades or create legendary heroes," a statement read. More ...

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