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Holy-War is a free and complex online role player game! Dive into the age of the Holy War! Take on the role of Knight, Saracen or Pagan and conquer or defend the Holy Land!


  • 3 different faiths
  • 7 different propperties
  • Weapons, Armors, Shields and Potions form Alliances, negotiate, be diplomatic
  • Single fights, plundering
  • Market├╝place, Stores and many more
  • Orderbattles: First time ever an Order is realy usable. Other games do not allow their Orders to have a function. Here, every Order can duell eachother.
  • The Arena: Inside the Arena, two men fight to the end, one comes but as the winner, and gets a pre defined ammount of money┬á from the loser.
  • Mercenary market: Orders can get backup from other fighters here.
  • THE HOLY WARS: Enormous battles between Saracens and Christians are fought here. In these battles the whole gameworld is included. Depending on the winning side, the citys fought about are handed over to the winner. The side controling all citys wins the game.

More about Holy-War

  • Update Holy War

    (12/08/2009) The Holy War team has carried out extensive maintenance and released an update introducing substantial changes and new features to the game. More ...

  • Holy War makes quantum leap

    (01/14/2009) New code, many improvements and new items! The famous browser game Holy War got a completely new code, many bugfixes and hundereds of improvements! Now better than ever! More ...

  • Major Holy-War Update

    (03/10/2008) GameArt Studio has performed a major update of the browser game Holy -War. This update includes a huge amount of new features and bug fixes! More ...

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