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Online Naruto Game. Learn the way of Shinobi as you start as an aspiring Academy Student. Fight your way to the top to become the Kage: the single shadow that protects your village from any danger, or become your village's worst nightmare as a wandering Outlaw of pure darkness. Hundreds of Jutsus are at your feet, ready to be called upon in the any mission; from the easiest of errands to the most lethal of enemies. Learn to harness the Bloodline passed down to you, or awaken the Demon that slumbers within. Can you handle the pressure? Overcome fear? Can you fufill your Destiny? Or will you bow towards Fate? This is the path of the Ninja, the life of a Shinobi. It all lies in your hands.

The Ninja-RPG: This time, you're not watching it.. You're fighting it.

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