Royal Quest

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Royal Quest is an MMORPG set in a fantasy world named Aura, full of magic, technology and alchemy. Download now and play for free on Steam or Arc!


  • Unique game universe based on magic, technologies and alchemy.
  • Plenty of extraordinary monsters, each with its own card providing game items with special features.
  • Balanced confrontation element system allows players to win the battle using the properly chosen weapon and greatly increase their power
  • Achievements influencing the gameplay.
  • Pets which require care, follow their master everywhere, collect loot, increase their master’s combat skills and weaken enemies
  • Unique system when battling for castles (PvP).
  • Special PvPvE mode when players battle against each other and monsters.
  • Controlling of castles and surrounding areas.
  • Spectacular and dynamic combat using various battle skills.
  • Easy to learn for beginners including an automatic character upgrade system with many new options for experienced players
  • Enthralling gameplay both for single or group players.

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