Shadow Cities

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The Brief History of Magic

For thousands of years, Magic was commonplace. Hearing voices, seeing spirits, and invoking spells were everyday things. The constant and vibrant use of Magic kept the Shadow World close to our own world. The boundary was so thin, they say, that anyone could see through the veil in the dead of the night.

 For some, Magic was both profession and passion. Competing philosophies emerged; schools of thought were formed. The collaboration and competition between different Academies pushed the boundaries of the Art and revealed even greater possibilities for true power.

The Cataclysm that Destroyed Magic

 In the early 15th century the common use of Magic came to an end. To this day it is unclear what experiment or ritual went awry and caused the cataclysm. What records that survive tell that the space between the two planes started burning, and at the end, only a handful of Mages lived.

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