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The game begins on a planet in a huge universe that you share with many other players. First you will build up your planet, improve your infrastructure and then colonise new planets to enlarge your empire. You will be able to develop new technologies, train ground forces, build orbital weapons systems, set up diplomatic relations with other species, produce spaceships, form alliances with other players, trade, fight wars, destroy and invade enemy planets and do many other interesting things. Read the "Backround Story" for further information about the Spaceassault Universe.
We have created an unique, living universe in which players communicate in RPG style (Role Playing Game), creating a dense atmosphere. Join as an emperor and rule the empire you have created entirely on your own; a good imagination is helpful! Our aim is to provide a community where everyone has lots of fun and where all players treat each other in a respectful manner. Are you interested and would like to become a part of our universe?

SpaceAssault is a browser-based online game running in realtime. To play, all you need is an internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, version 5.0 or later). No other programs (clients) must be downloaded. SpaceAssault can be played anywhere where you have internet access. Join the exciting world of online games and play with thousands of other players in real time!

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