The Pimps

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The Bronx is the place to be The Pimps: pimp up ya life!
As an Original Gangster (OG) you need to be presentable:This is no place for deadheads -- action is the word of the day. The status symbols for your own "street credibility" are nothing to laugh at: first you're going to need a reliable set of wheels! Pimp my ride -- that is the OG motto in The Pimps.
The player chooses his district from over 200 cities in the United States or Europe; From here on out you're out to do some big business! Which rims do you need, what does the right outfit look like, and how cool does the OG look in front of his homies? Here you have a chance to outfit your gang with weapons and lead them in the Fight of Honor.
Who's got the broadest shoulders and squeezes everyone out of business? Whoever makes it to the top of the ranks and stays there has a chance at 500 every month!

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