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In the year 2053 a war broke out for the last resources on earth. It did not take much, to realize that whoever would win the battle, would have the power over the resource industry of the entire planet. However, the battle never really ended and the world as we know it - stopped to exist. Green forests disappeared, large cities became ruins, and what used to be a living planet, became a graveyard. But some men survived and thus a new culture was born. A brutal society - which quickly knew how to survive. Traditional fights emerged in large arenas. Today, these arenas serve as a battleground for huge machines - known as mechs - controlled by experienced pilots. You are one of these pilots: Experienced and with a will to fight. However, the danger is everywhere. You are not alone.


  • action filled fights with many different sci-fi weapons
  • Free use - voluntary payment
  • thousands of real opponents from all over the world
  • take control over the keyboard - without download or installation
  • a pure browser based realtime-game
  • Various individual weapons and systems
  • three different mech robots for individual configuration

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