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A web browser based Aliens vs Predator universe MMO.

Start off by picking one of 3 species, Aliens, Predator, or Human Marines.

Then pick one of 4 professions: Soldiers, Crafters, Pet handlers, or Hunters. You then can pick 1 of 4 sub professions for each profession as well such as healing pet owners, or armor craftors.

  • Earn experience, money and resources while crafting weapons and armor and items to sell in your own store as a crafter.
  • Attack other members and get bonues to damage and experience by being a Soldier.
  • Hunt down NPC characters and find loot and money by being an NPC hunter, or just attack other members too.
  • As a pet owner, grow your own egg/synthetic/initiate and use them to attack other members or other pets to get them experience to level them up as well.

AVPVM combines a FULL fledged aliens vs predator universe MMO in your browser with a message forum that ties your characters stats together seamlessly.

Each species has its own perks and style and skin.

Three war.

No longer available!

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