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Welcome to Ash Racing, a text-based multiplayer racing game (PBBG) built with the car enthusiast in mind. Buy a car, purchase and install aftermarket parts, and bring it to the track. We have domestics, imports, and supercars available to race on many different tracks. Enhance your car's power, handling, and braking ability to power through the laps faster and faster. With betting (pretend money only - this is not a gambling website), racing teams, and many cars and parts to buy Ash Racing is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.
Be prepared for all kinds of matchups. Does the Porsche know that the Integra he's about to race has a fat turbo under the hood and a 100 shot of nitrous? Will the supercharged Mustang GT be able to take on the all-wheel-drive JDM Skyline? You have to play to find out!
834 car types, 110 aftermarket parts

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