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Join the latest game on the web! Crimeinc has recently been reset to give everybody the opportunity to prosper into a Mafia elite mob boss.
Thousands of players are coming to join this new game and why?
Because unlike the majority of online games,
the staff take the time to listen to what the players want and respond to each request and whilst saying weather they will incorporate the idea into the game,
they also give personal feedback on the suggestion letting you know how you could improvise on it.

So, what does CrimeInc offer free of charge to it's players that are 100% unique to online gaming:

- Player owned casinos where the owner sets the stake range
- The option to stab or kill your enemies
- Massive friend and enemy lists
- Rewards for a variety of possible skills in-game
- Mob Families where you can group together to overcome enemies
- Competitions every week, each different offering a range of rewards
- A bank to safe-store your money
- 20,000+ films which are free to view and download for players!
- A massive collection of music, free to listen to for all players
- Thousands of way to make money in-game with no holdbacks
- Friendly community like nowhere else
- A customizable game layout and colour
- Unique mailing system
- Own a drug factory or a bank to make millions
- Hire other players to work for you like automatic income
- Game-Wide polls from the administrators to let the staff know what players want
- Interactive gaming map, choosing where you want to be
- Take over enemy turf of purchase some free ones, grow your territory
- Get involved in the industry with your own lead and bullet factories
- Place bets on horses and become a millionaire on every bet
- Flash based interface, making every option smooth and stylish
- Customizable profile, put whatever you want on it!
- A personal notepad to keep track of your character
- Marry a special individual
- Hire some bodyguards to watch your back
- Hire detectives to find your enemies
- Travel from city to city, each offering new and unique opportunities

No longer available!

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