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Create your own empire in the browser game Damoria
This browser game will transport you back to a medieval world you'll want to stay in forever.

Damoria is a mystical browser game fit for a king. Build your castle with all the trimmings: construction office, military training grounds and quarry.

Mine raw materials and finance the construction of other buildings. Assemble your troops and arm them with swords, catapults, bows and arrows. You'll find everything your conqueror heart desires here.

Although it may seem like a peaceful paradise, a battle is raging at Damoria. Everyone's out to have the biggest castle and the largest kingdom.

Transform your castle into a stronghold, unconquerable to enemy attackers. Your fortress will protect you from all and sundry. Of course they do say that "Offense is the best defense". Put together an army of epic proportions and conquer Damoria.You can play this game right in your Internet browser without having to buy or install any software.

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