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  • Spaß, Fun, Plaisir, Diversión: Gameforge is sincerely committed to delivering game fun for millions of enthusiastic players all over the world. We transport game fun directly into the player’s mind.
  • Global Representation and Experience: Since 2003 Gameforge has been developing online games. Game culture in recent years has overcome national peculiarities and undergone a process of globalization. Therefore, Gameforge games are available in more than 50 languages. The internet connects players from all countries. Despite that, games still need special localization - especially in terms of language. Experienced Gameforge managers provide for the necessary familiarization. As a result players embrace our games.
  • Professionalism and Confidence: Gameforge has assembled the best possible technical infrastructure to operate its games. Dedicated game servers located next to the main nods of internet traffic guarantee total availability of game servers and ensure fast pings. Redundant server clusters and 24/7 monitoring deliver 100 percent system stability. Gameforge will do anything to ensure game fun around the clock. The players trust in us. And we are prepared to meet that challenge.

Community: Gameforge catches on with the players. Gameforge games are not worth a penny without exuberant players. The game fun of a single player is amplified by playing with a multitude of players of the same mind. A player will instantly feel at home in a game community. The community both offers adversaries and partners, recourse and fame, means of communication and a group of like-minded peers. Gameforge has been successfully building and managing communities for years.

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