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GGOAL is the first strategic and managerial multiplayer football game online in real time. With GGOAL you'll be, at the same time, the president, manager, coach and player of your football team! 

To play with Ggoal you must be registered. At this moment the registration is free of charge. You must be at least 18 to play with Ggoal, or obtain parental consent. Once you registered, you'll receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes and you'll have to click on the link. In case you the link included in the email isn't clickable, you can simply copy and paste it in your browser address bar. If you did not receive the confirmation email, make sure to check your spam box first. During the registration process you'll have to choose the name of your team, which can be, for example, something like "Real Rainbow" or "FC WhiteAndBlue". However, you won't be allowed to use the real names of the most popular UEFA football teams. In fact you can't name your team "FC Barcelona", "AC Milan", etc. Also, you can't use names like "GGOAL" or similars. Furthermore, you'll have to select your position in the field. With GGOAL, you'll be one of the players in the field! Depending on the position you select, you'll have a better skill than other players. For example, a forward has a good shooting, a defender has a good tackle and a midfielder has a good passing.

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