God of Axion

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Your peaceful kingdom drifts in the sky, it's majestic towers literally scrape the heavens. In the distance, through the clouds, an army of fiery dragons and salamanders are approaching. Your priests are gathered at the temple, your Archangel's sword is drawn, all awaiting your orders. 


Tired of Greece and Rome? The ancient empires were remarkable, but the TRULY ancient empires were even better! Come back to before the world was formed, where islands float in the sky filled with dragons and elemental creatures. 


In Axion, you're not just a ruler, you're a deity! Wield the power of your Empire's faith to cast powerful blessings and react to different situations. Will you grant a bountiful harvest, shield your cities, or smite your enemies? The choice is yours, and it ensures that the world is always changing. 

Cooperative Combat

In the world of Axion, there is no 'ultimate troop'. It takes all types of soldiers to win a war, and that makes every player important. Will you build a city that trains the most elite Archers, or the strongest Golems? And when your friends say "we need more dragons!", will you be there to save the day? 

Competitive, not Cruel

You're never out of the action. Axion is definitely competitive, with an exciting end game, but just because you lose a battle doesn't mean you'll be in a hopeless situation, doomed to be farmed for the rest of eternity. There's always a path for the clever player to get back on top.

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