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When you get inside the game you will see nine green squares. At the top you should see a currency counter, "Food" and "Gold". You will need a steady flow of both of these resources in order to do things in your cities. The large number is the amount you have, the little green number is how much you have coming in per hour (this counter may turn red if your production cannot support your troops). To begin, lets build a castle. In order to do so, tap one of your free green squares. A menu should come up with a list of buildings that you can make along with requirements for each one. In order to build a castle, you'll need to have 1000 gold and food, as can be seen in it's requirement box. Along with the 1000 gold and food, you will also have to wait one hour for the castle to build (real time). This castle will give you an extra square that you can make a farm on or make a gold mine on.

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