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Trukz (pronounced Trucks) is the largest trucking simulation on the web. It is a persistent browser based game which allows you to play the role of an independent truck driver, driving cargo between cities across Europe and the United States.

Once you have signed up, you can buy your initial truck and equipment and start taking loads between cities straight away, earning in-game cash which will allow you to access new trucks and equipment. For more serious players looking at running a trucking company, players can create their own company or join one of the many hundreds of in-game companies, availing of exclusive discounts and in-game routes.

The game requires absolutely no downloads and is playable free in all supported browsers.

If you're looking for a PBBG with a little more realism, get your rig at

No longer available!

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  • "You have to give players a reason to continue playing"

    (10/20/2008) When OMAC acquired Trukz, they first did a survey on what players would like to see next. They shortlisted the best ideas from that survey and combined them with some of their own. So now players can really look forward to the new features that will be added to the game in the next couple of weeks. More ...

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