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Virtonomics is a unique online business game which functions according to the laws of real life. They say that Virtonomics is a "browser game that stands out among others. It is unique in its kind". Virtonomics is versatile. It combines logical and business gaming, real economy simulation and economics strategy. This is a game where players knowledges and efforts are the source of real income.Playing Virtonomics can be absolutely free. Virtonomics reflects a wild range of interests. It is for anyone who understands the laws of real life and is interested in economy, business and finance, anyone who enjoys playing online computer games, meeting interesting people and making useful connections.

By playing the Virtonomics multiplayer game online you will enjoy a real economics strategy and a truly interesting logical browser game! And, most importantly, you will have the chance to simultaneously enjoy the game, study management and make real money in the process of playing.

Why play Virtonomics is up to you. You can just enjoy playing a unique economics game, study the basics of business management, enjoy new acquaintances with other players, many of whom are talented specialists, managers and businessmen in real life. There is also an opportunity to make real money in the game. In Virtonomics every person finds what he/she needs, that is why it is so unique.
The main goal in the Virtonomics economics game is to create a successful business, for that you have to be able to survive and succeed in a competitive environment. You can do trading, production, science research, natural resources extraction, agriculture, trade on foreign exchange market, manage personnel, finances, marketing, logistics and other business processes.
While managing your corporation, you are going to hire and train personnel, arrange sales and supplies, keep track of your competitors actions, improve the quality of your goods, promote your brands, take part in auctions and much more.

ctions and much more.At the beginning we recommend you to get acquainted withthe introductory information on the game. After that you have to go through the registration procedure in the game online, and thats it! To play you only need a web connection and a browser (you already have one).First of all, Virtonomics is an Internet game and an economics strategy intended for entertainment. Players do not have to have deep understanding of economy and any kind of special education to take part in the game. At the same time, the game allows you to study many aspects of business management as well as make real money in the process of playing.You can find detailed answers to your questions and learn many useful things in the sections of FAQ, in Help or on Forum. You can also contact our Support team, and they will make sure that your problems and doubts are solved!You can play Virtonomics for free for an unlimited period of time. The game is free and available for everyone. Besides, you can earn large amounts of real money while you play; the game offers many opportunities for doing this. If you wish, you can buy additional game services for really small prices. These services are not obligatory, but they can add some dynamics and depth to the game and make it even more interesting.
For those who like everything exclusive and equal game opportunities there is a separate game world functioning according to the principles of a subscription model (subscriber fee).By playing Virtonomics you can regularly earn rather large amounts of real money up to thousands of dollars. For this purpose there are many opportunities in the game, and the range of these opportunities keeps constantly growing. These are regular contests in the game, special campaigns, game tenders, a unique referral program, and prizes for most successful players. Every day hundreds of people earn real money in Virtonomics. 
You might ask where the money comes from. First of all, we want our project to be popular and believe that the best way to promote our game is advertising of it by players themselves, when they talk about it to each other. For this reason we have decided to spend the most part of our budget for advertising on our players rather than on advertising agents. Secondly, we have decided to give to our players a part of the income we get from the advertising in the game: the more players there are in the game, the more advertisers we have and the higher is your and our income. Play and make business with Virtonomics!

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